Innova Communications | What’s Our Story?
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What’s Our Story?

Want big time results with a boutique personal touch?

Here’s our formula for success.

Innova Communications is a full service public relations and marketing agency. Specializing in Consumer, High-Tech and Financial arenas, we serve our clients by providing innovative solutions to tough problems.

Improving the bottom line is every client’s ultimate goal. We know how to get you to that bottom line goal. How?

We can get you there with our strategists, writers, coaches and storytellers.

Hard Work0%

As public relations specialists, we know how to dig for what is interesting or important to our client’s audience, and how to grab their attention with the story. We know how to work fast, be accurate, pay attention to details and meet unrelenting deadlines. We know how reporters think, what interests them and what bugs them. We know communication is key. We know PR.


As marketing consultants, we know that branding, marketing strategy and communication of your message is of utmost importance to your success. We know how to generate brands that grab your audience. We know how to create winning campaigns that will grow your product and service revenues. We are creative, insightful, and most importantly, we listen to your goals.


With each new public relations or marketing project, we never forget that our clients are in business to be profitable. We make it our job to shape marketing strategies and publicity campaigns to achieve that goal.


Our clients continue to sing our praises,

we hope we get the chance to earn yours.


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