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What a Difference for Ward Aguilar Financial! New Website Peek

15 Jan What a Difference for Ward Aguilar Financial! New Website Peek

What do we love? Telling a story, however that may manifest itself. Sometimes it’s via the media, sometimes it’s on a social media post. And sometimes it comes back to good old branding. When OC based wealth management & financial advisory firm Ward Aguilar Financial started talking with us about their future plans for the company, branding was the first thing that came to mind.

They were expanding the team, increasing their service base and deciding on how best to communicate that to current and potential clients. So we sat down with them and started a dialogue. We went through several branding exercises, which admittedly the process can be wierd, but they stuck through it and we came out the other side with some stellar messaging and a clear direction of how to tell their story.

The next step was to translate this into visuals & copy. We recommended a website plan which included personalizing the brand. Together, we carefully crafted messages and thoughts to express both the company’s professional capabilities and the secret sauce that makes their clients love working with them. After the plan was complete, we jumped into development on the new website. Yesterday we launched!


Congrats to the Ward Aguilar Financial team on both the website launch and having faith in the branding process. It has really helped define their path. And of course we have to say if you are in the market for wealth management, investment or estate planning services, please consider learning about Ward Aguilar Financial.

Amy Chilla

Amy Chilla is an interactive marketing and public relations professional. Since 1999, she has been a partner at Innova Communications, a boutique public relations, social media, and marketing firm based in Southern CA. Current industry specialties include: luxury consumer goods, translation/localization, and sports business/sporting goods, apps and financial services.

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