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PRseverance Pays Off

29 Apr PRseverance Pays Off

PRseverance = not a typo! For anyone who has been in the business of PR, whether for your clients or your own company, you know perseverance and a thick skin is needed. Your day of pitching can easily consist of 25 “no’s” for 1 simple “yes.” Rejection is part of the game and knowing when to recalibrate is an extremely important part of success. The WORST part of PR, is when you’ve gotten that golden horseshoe of a hit and then…the outlet cancels. What do you do? DON’T give up!

When helping publicize a San Diego Beach Soccer Jam event (could that be anymore awesome of a combo?) I booked some promotional coverage on a local San Diego TV station. Plans moved quickly. We gathered the team boys to do some soccer demos, got a plan together and were all set to appear on a morning show.  And then WHAMO. The TV station calls to cancel. In PR you just have to roll with the punches. How do you salvage it? What can be done? Why, call a competitor affiliate, pitch again and bingo, we are booked once more.

What would have happened if I had given up? Or if I had just accepted the initial cancellation as fate? A whole lot of nothing. Always move forward, there is always another option. All you have to do is recalibrate and readjust.

Want to watch the fruits of this labor? Visit the KUSI website and watch the clip!

Melissa Gillespie
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