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Just Do It Together!

18 Mar Just Do It Together!

A bit of in.spiration if you are feeling blah in work mode. One of the things that we love at Innova is our active lifestyles. We aren’t workaholics and we aren’t ashamed to admit it. We believe we give our clients the best parts of ourselves when we are fulfilled, rested and well-balanced. While pitching for clients, sometimes we stumble across something that looks interesting to our own lives. Here’s an example of that:

When I first answered a reporter query for people who use social networks to keep them motivated about fitness, I told her all about my running/walking buddies in ‪#‎TheBerries‬. Once I mentioned using ‪#‎CharityMiles‬ to motivate my boys to walk the dogs, however, she completely shifted directions. You can read the results in the April issue of Dr. Oz magazine. The story is called: Just Do It Together.

Melissa Gillespie
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