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Innova Does What? Social Media Edition

19 Jun Innova Does What? Social Media Edition

Often we are asked about social media because, well, that’s what we do. We hear the following, time and again:

  1. My company is B2B, we don’t really need social, do we?
  2. How will doing social make my company money?
  3. Will likes or shares turn into sales?
  4. Our clients/customers don’t really use social media, so why should we?
  5. We want 10,000 followers, how do we do that?

This list could go on…and on. Let’s address these, individually starting with numero uno.

  1. My company is B2B, we don’t really need social, do we? That’s one of the funniest things we’ve ever heard. In the world of sales, there are what we call influencers. Influencers who can repost/retweet your content. You are building a reputation with social media, not necessary directly selling. Additionally, there is a little thing called SEO, in which social media helps greatly to push your name to the top of that coveted Google number one spot.
  2. How will doing social make my company money? It might not. There, we said it. Not all companies are in business to sell a widget, which lends itself very nicely to social media promotions. But what it DOES do, is allow you to have a conversation with your potential client/customer. You are humanizing your brand, sharing information that your client/customer is interested in and on a daily basis, staying top of mind. So when that person or company goes to purchase what you are offering, you better believe you will come to mind over a competitor if the job has been done right. So, while you may not be able to directly attribute a sale to social media, listen for things like “I saw your Tweets, or we loved your post on xyz.” You’ll know if people are paying attention. We won’t get on our soap box about metrics and social conversions…yet.
  3. Will likes or shares turn into sales? See answer to number 2. Now we will step on said soap box. You absolutely want to see if social media is pushing traffic to your website or to your shopping cart. A professional firm will have monthly analytics on demand showing you those trends. Pay attention to traffic paths and most reposted content. See what your audiences are engaging with and do more of that. Use your Google Analytics to setup social conversions (pay attention in-house marketers, this is where you can show direct ROI on social.)
  4. Our clients/customers don’t really use social media, so why should we? We’ll give you two reasons. SEO & Media. First off, in this day and age, don’t assume your audience doesn’t use social media. That’s just not true. Do a search, we promise you’ll be surprised if this is your current mode of thinking. Secondly, we mentioned earlier the massive power that social media content can have in the SEO battle for Google page one. Finally, channels like Twitter and LinkedIn are direct conduits to the reporters who you want covering your company. In the last two years, many reporters have approached us because they have done a search on Twitter for a story and our client came up. Or if we have a story to pitch, using Twitter or LinkedIn is another touch point to the media.
  5. We want 10,000 followers, how do we do that? Ah, the age old question of quality vs. quantity. Sit with this one for a minute. Would you rather have 10,000 followers who block your posts from their feed and never plan to buy from you, or 2,000 followers who have opted to see your content, engage and WILL buy from you. Build organically and you will have much better results with social. Trust us.

Final thoughts? Don’t be Bob or Bob’s boss. Please.


Amy Chilla

Amy Chilla is an interactive marketing and public relations professional. Since 1999, she has been a partner at Innova Communications, a boutique public relations, social media, and marketing firm based in Southern CA. Current industry specialties include: luxury consumer goods, translation/localization, and sports business/sporting goods, apps and financial services.

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